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News & Events at T&H Lemont

Upcoming Events:

Please check here for upcoming events:

FABTECH Chicago - 2015

November 9-12, 2015

Booth #N6018

 More Information to Follow

Recent News:

November 2014 - T&H Lemont Participates in FABTECH ATLANTA, November 11th - 13th.

T&H Lemont of Countryside, Illinois once again attended the FABTECH Trade Show, at the World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia November 11th through the 13th, booth number C529.  This will be the third consecutive appearance participating in the alternate year Atlanta based FABTECH Trade Show. The last alternate year show was in Las Vegas, while the "on year" FABTECH show is always in Chicago.

T&H Lemont was excited about participating in this trade show which was focused to display the world of Pipe and Tube Technology to customers within the South and South East markets of the United States. However, visitors from as far away as China, Canada, Mexico and Central America attended.

Those attending were: John Hillis - President, Walter Heller - Vice President, Tim Gaughan - Mills Sales Manager, Marty Byrne - Domestic Sales and Marketing Manager, and Jeremiah Cleary - Tooling Sales Engineer.

  T&H Lemont Fabtech 2014 Booth

 Above, T&H Lemont at  Fabtech 2014 in Atlanta, GA.

April 2014 - T&H Lemont Participates In Tube Dusseldorf

T&H Lemont of Countryside, Illinois once again attended the International Tube Show at Messe Dusseldorf, Germany, April 7th through the 11th.  This was their third consecutive appearance participating within the Messe Dusseldorf North American Pavilion. 

The attendance at this show was somewhat less than past years but the quality of the visitations was excellent. Meetings with customers and partners included those from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, China, Taiwan, India, Lebanon, Germany, Italy and Korea.

Discussions included Coiled Tubing Lines for Oil Field Applications, Linear Cage Forming for large diameter pipe mills, Stainless and Titanium Mills, Structural Mills, Strip Edge Trimmers and Horizontal Strip accumulators. Tooling discussions focused on 18” and 20” applications as well as strategies to make “mark free” pipe and tube. Other strategies centered on producing High Strength Pipe and Tube as well as products approaching 100/1 d/t ratios.   

Those attending were:  John Hillis – President, Walter Heller – Vice President, Rob De – Manger of International Tooling Sales and Carlos Camolezi Brazilian representative.

T&H Lemont at Tube Dusseldorf 2014

Above, T&H Lemont at Tube Dusseldorf 2014.

T&H Lemont custom designs and fabricates tube, pipe and roll form mills, specializing in high frequency (HF) welded systems for various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel & other alloyed metals. Also experienced with TIG and laser welded tubular systems for stainless steel and titanium. They can rebuild or update mills of all makes and brands, custom design tooling then fabricate and recondition (regrind) tooling both large and small. Roll designs can be tailored for mark free tubing. Designs utilize carbide, ceramic, Ampco or urethane materials as required. Additional services include electrical and mechanical services including mill alignments, installation and startup assistance. They also offer ancillary mill equipment such as quick-change systems, single point adjustments, horizontal strip accumulators, tube dedimplers, seam orientation stands, custom weld boxes and scarf winding systems.

Recent technologies include successful developments for dual capacity mills, auto-set computerized roll adjustment & pro-view visual management systems. Roll forming machine designs include duplex roll forming machines, universal drive roll forming machines & mid-low production roll forming machines.

Other products include complete mill drive upgrades, entry guides/trimmers, cutoff blades, jaws, die sets, specialty shafts, flexible hose machines, replacement driven and non-driven roll stands & powered straighteners.

January 2014 - T&H Lemont Completes Commissioning of Welded Carbon Tube Mill

T&H Lemont has recently commissioned a Model WU35M-11 High Frequency Welded mechanical tube mill for a repeat North American customer. T&H Lemont was chosen for this project based on successful installation and commissioning of other mills for this customer over the last 20 years. The WU35M tube mill has a tube size range of 2.000" OD to 6.625" OD round tube at yields up to 65,000 psi. The gauge ranges for these sizes is from .090" to .250". In addition, the mill is designed to form and weld 5.750" OD X .375" wall tubing for a custom application. The mill will produce product at speeds up to 300 fpm.

For reduced change-over times, the mill includes a number of quick-change features. The design of the mill includes a permanent third stand to minimize the time required for sub-plate rermoval and replacement. When a change-over is required, the sub-plates are disconnected from the universals utilizing a hydraulically operated disconnect. The sub-plates can then be removed with an overhead crane. When the second set of sub-plates are installed, the sub-plates are moved into position and located to the universals utilizing the same hydraulic system.

November 2013 - T&H Lemont Attends FABTECH 2013


Fabtech 2013

Above, a photo of our Booth at Fabtech 2013.

October 2013 - T&H Lemont Attends 2 Trade Shows in Brazil


Above, a photo of our Booth at the 2013 TuboTech Trade Show.


A photo of our shared Booth with Camasi at the 2013 Corte & Conformção de Metals Trade Show.

Our presence was well received and both Shows proved to be very successful.

August 2013 - T&H Lemont Ships and Commisions New HF Tube Mill

T&H Lemont has recently shipped and commissioned a WU35M-11 Quick Change, High Frequency Tube Mill.  The mill was purchased by a repeat customer who currently operates other T&H Lemont tube mills.

For this customer, T&H Lemont designed and built the mill with two features to decrease change-over time and increase productivity. The first feature was the design and construction of the mill with the Third Stand Quick Change System.

The second feature designed for this mill by T&H Lemont is the AutoSet System of precise, automated roll adjustment. The System is designed to minimize set-up times.

March 2013 - T&H Lemont Acquires New Large Diameter 4 Axis Turning Center

T&H Lemont is pleased to announce the full production launch of its newly acquired Hwacheon Hi-Tech 850YMC CNC Turning Center. This addition continues to extend T&H Lemont's reach into large tool markets by expanding their overall diameter and length capabilities to hard turn and finish products up to 45" in diameter as well as products 100" in length.

The demand for turning and finishing these larger tooling items has been growing as customers expand production in SBQ Bars and into larger diameter tooling for API and Oil Country Tubular Products.

Hwacheon Hi-Tech 850YMC CNC Turning Center

The Hwacheon Hi-Tech 850 CNC Lathes were developed to meet todays demands for superior turning center performance. Its distinctive design allows the Hi-Tech 850 to have the largest work capacity and spindle horsepower in its class. This extraordinarily large, well built lathe with multiple, powered 4th Axis machining turret stops has proven to make short work of large complex shafts, straightener rolls, as well as roll tooling for large diameter pipe mills. Programming the machine can be easily handled remotely with CAD/CAM interfaces or manually using conversational inputs.

May 2013 - Inductotherm Group Celebrates Flagship Company's 60 Year Anniversary!

This month, Inductotherm Group announces the 60th anniversary of its flagship company, Inductotherm Corp., which manufactures advanced melting, heating holding and pouring furnaces for the foundry melt shop industry.

In May 1953, Henry M. Rowan started Inductotherm Corp. with his first sale of a 60 pound beryllium copper induction melting furnace. With his commitment to superior engineering and top-notch customer service, Mr. Rowan grew Inductotherm Corp. to a company that today has almost 250 employees and more than 32,000 installations in 126 countries.

With the success of Inductotherm Corp., and recognizing that the world market needed more advanced induction melting equipment, Rowan extended the sale of his equipment and services into Europe, Australia, India, Japan, China, and beyond.  Since then, the firm has expanded not only geographically, but also into other fields of thermal processing, such as induction heating, heat treating, and induction welding, as well as vacuum induction melting and refining. Inductotherm Group is now a worldwide organization with 38 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries around the world, offering brands such as Inductotherm, Consarc, Inductoheat, Thermatool and Radyne.

“We’re proud to stand with Inductotherm Corp. as they celebrate their 60 years of business,” says Gary Doyon, president and CEO of the Inductotherm Group. “Every company in the Inductotherm Group follows the tenets that were set forth by Mr. Rowan and his team at Inductotherm Corp. – offer superior engineering, advanced technology, high quality products, and excellent customer service.”

“We’re continually working to provide our customers with the most advanced products in the industry today,” agreed Satyen Prabhu, president and CEO of Inductotherm Corp.  “For all of the companies in the Inductotherm Group, it’s about delivering the most efficient equipment and systems for our customers. We’re looking forward to doing this and more for at least another 60 years.”

Inductotherm Group offers advanced technology for the engineering, manufacturing and service of thermal processing equipment used in the melting, heating, heat treating, forging, galvanizing, coating, cutting and welding of metals. Bringing together 40 companies with 38 manufacturing facilities located in 19 countries, Inductotherm Group delivers innovative products throughout the world. Customers rely on Inductotherm, Inductoheat, Thermatool, Radyne, Consarc and other trusted brands in the Inductotherm Group to provide outstanding equipment and services.

Upcoming Events:

Please check here for upcoming events:

FABTECH Chicago - 2015

November 9-12, 2015

Booth #N6018

More Information to Follow

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